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Cedar Decking

Cedar Decking

Cedar decking is extremely beneficial and is considered the best option for residential and business use. They are perfect for buildings and can easily be customized to your liking. It easily adapts to usable space around the open space and provides extra space for a party with friends and family.

There are various cedar wood species and each has its own characteristics and prices. The cedar of higher quality is always easy to care for and lasts longer. If you choose cheaper quality cedar wood, it is usually affected by heat or rain and will not last longer.

According to the market price, the cedar of different qualities is given below:

  • Basic Quality: $ 5.50 per linear foot
  • Medium Quality: $ 6.90 per linear foot
  • Higher quality: $ 8.56 per linear foot

The cost of cedar wood is $ 3.75 per square foot.

Some of the benefits of Cedar decking are that they always create a visual impact and interest with their vibrant colors. Cedar decks with deeper patches see an improved natural color of the wood and also protect the surface from climatic conditions. Cedarwood is protected from moisture and decay by the use of natural oils. The natural oil produced in the cedar contributes to extending the life of the cedar wood deck and keeps the ants and termites away.

Cedar wood is simple, without pitch or resin, which facilitates its use with adhesives and nails. It is lightweight and can be easily used while the topping gets either bigger or smaller. Cedar is of higher quality and does not warp under harsh climatic conditions. It stays safe and secure for a long time without maintenance. So try this for your space and give it a stylish look.

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