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Custom Blinds

Custom Blinds

Windows is the part of your home. Traditionally, the windows were covered with beautifully designed colorful curtains that blocked not only the unwanted gaze, but also wind, sunlight and even rain. However, the modern way of living prefers custom made blinds that perfectly match the windows and also contribute to the home decor.

There are different types of blinds that fit perfectly with your windows:

  • vertical blinds are the most common types of custom blinds for windows of any size. Vertical blinds are ideal for tall windows and sliding glass doors. The rotary switch or cord can be used to control the control panel of the custom blinds. These vertical blinds let the light through in the room easily. The vertical blinds are available in different colors and colors and consist of plastic to aluminum.
  • louvre or the horizontal blinds are made of composite materials, vinyl or plastic. The blinds are also available in the form of wooden louvers made of imitation wood. Venezia's custom Venetian blinds have the twine to adjust the blinds, which look elegant above the windows.
  • rolls are popularly referred to as blackout blinds. The custom blinds can be rolled up easily and clearly show the view. They are best for the bedroom and, when curled up, create a perfect dark tone that allows undisturbed, healthy sleep. The custom shutters are made of fabric that is perfect for design and style and becomes part of the well-decorated bedroom.
  • Roman blinds which keep the window completely blocked. It has the cords on both sides that can easily control its movement. The Roman custom blinds fit perfectly to the window and look completely flat without opening. Most Roman blinds are made of bamboo or woven fabric, a light and elegant material.

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