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Deck Design

Deck Design

A deck is an ideal place for outdoor entertainment. The best decks start with the best deck ideas. Browse through our collection of beautiful deck design ideas and direct an overview that appeals to you.

  • Your holiday home: Carry comfortably from home to an exotic holiday destination. All you need are some colorful pillows and hammocks, good music and your deck! This is about a deck made of sustainable Ipe wood. Use drought-tolerant plants that require annual trimming and occasional watering. This means a lot of time to sit back on a deck chair and sunbathe in the sun.
  • Roof terraces: A rooftop terrace over the carport or portico provides the comfort and extra space on the second floor. The wood composite flooring is laid on the fixed roof and additionally protects the flat surface from sun and moisture.
  • Party Deck: A decent deck can capture a view, create a pleasant outdoor space, and give your home a generous size by blurring the boundaries between inside and outside. This partially covered terrace serves as an indoor and outdoor area, connecting a family room with a terrace. With these party decks you can receive your guests with a signature.
  • Decks with fire pit: This deck dramatically enlarges the living space of the house and offers plenty of space for sunbathing, conversation and entertainment. Install decks with fire pits for the perfect party, especially if you live in an area with adverse weather conditions.
  • Outdoor living room: When the doors are open to the deck and folded against the outside walls, it feels like the living room and deck are one. Everything you need to choose the garden furniture that matches the interior of your home, and you will feel and feel at ease in the living room. These outer decks provide light and natural ventilation

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