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Herb Garden

Herb Garden

Herb gardening very simply requires just a little water, fertilizer and soil. You can also use pot for the herb garden work. It is possible in a small container or container. The plant spread out from the vessel and the height of the plant will be 4 to 5 feet. The location is the main factor for a good herb gardening. Little sunshine is needed for the herb garden, but in summer the temperature limit does not have to be above 90 degrees. At high temperatures the planting area is shaded and the plant gets a low temperature.

In the herb garden, the plant size is not large, so that no more space is needed. Various types of herbs such as rosemary, sage, peppermint, oregano, marjoram, basil, thyme, tarragon, flavor, etc. can all be sown in the herb garden. The pot diameter must be suitable for plant growth. Herb Garden Ideas tell about the ideal herb gardening and make your garden more useful because the herb is useful in many diseases.

There are different herb garden ideas

  • You can use the waste bottle for herb gardening. The waste bottle acts like a vessel in the herb garden. After cutting the bottle, the bottle mouth becomes a container and can be fixed to the vertical wall so that no more space is needed.
  • If there is less room for the herb garden, a vertical stand is more useful. The vertical stand does not take up more space. The container of the herb plant is attached by means of a pin on the stand.

Herb Garden increases the value of your garden and makes the garden more beautiful. Many herbs grow with a flower that looks good. The herb garden ideas increase the herbal effect and consume less space.

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