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Vertical Gardening

Vertical Gardening

The famous biologist Charles Darwin has spent decades trying to convince the world that one has to adapt to survive, and those who do not adapt eventually disappear. Today's humanity faces many crises that require us to improve our ways or be the target of a total and inevitable extinction.

While this may sound too apocalyptic in nature, the many climate summits around the world, as well as the observed scientific data, are proof that our planet is slowly dying and that our industrial and household practices are only accelerating this process. So how do we stop the seemingly inevitable end of our life on earth? The answer is vertical gardening.

As the name implies, in vertical gardening, various herbs, shrubs and other plants are grown on the wall and not on the ground. The first noticeable advantage is the space savings. Especially the cities that produce too much emissions to sustain their urban life have very little space that can be used for green and climate protection purposes. It becomes almost impossible to encourage people to use the precious little space they need to garden and grow plants when other pressing needs are met. If you follow the gardening in the vertical direction, this problem is completely solved.

Also, the energy used for irrigation can be completely eliminated from the equation. Many buildings have found intelligent solutions that allow water to flow freely through the vertical gardens, saving the energy and manpower they would need for traditional gardening. With this kind of cultivation, gravity becomes your gardener! These plants can also be easily monitored for their progress and investigations can be made to get a better yield.

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