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Wood House Designs

Wood House Designs

Wooden houses are always a trend in some parts of the world. The size of these houses can be small, medium or large, but the designs available are so diverse that you can choose them and make the house look beautiful.

In general, unlike the other concrete houses, these houses are made of natural material, so the look is very unique and beautiful compared to concrete houses. Today, many people opt for wooden houses because they are contemporary and have a very rich look. Even hotels and resorts like to build with wood, because it gives a unique look that we do not get from other normal hotels.

There are many wooden house designs that can be selected according to your needs, wishes and budget. Below are some of the wooden house designs that you can see.

  • If you want to choose a small wooden house, choose a design with gable roofs that is classic and compact. With this gable roof style, you can choose whether to opt for a low roof or a high pitched roof. If your budget is lower, it is better to opt for flat roofs, but if your budget is higher and you want a large home look, it is recommended to opt for pitched roofs
  • The next option is a shed roof, which is the most cost-effective. This design can be accepted for people living in mountain areas.
  • If you have a lot of space, you may be able to build a long rectangular house with flat roofs. These are generally one-story houses because they are long enough to accommodate a very large family. These are proposed designs in low-lying grasslands.
  • Finally, the most unique and eye-catching design combined with unusual shapes such as houses with a boat shape, C-shape, an upper triangular shape.

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